Shared Spaces Idea Look Book
A variety of spaces for a variety of work
Knoll Shared Spaces Idea Book

The nature of work today is dynamic—it takes place everywhere and is always in flux. We believe with Knoll, that workplaces should reflect the reality of work today and harness its potential. Workplaces that include shared spaces offer people choices about how to work and where. They complement more traditional primary workspaces by putting people in charge of their work experiences. With thoughtful planning, shared spaces bring value and variety to an organization’s workplace—which means happier people and more long-term productivity, growth, and innovation.

Shared spaces play key roles in all planning approaches. They may take the form of go-to spaces for tailored types of activities, or blur the lines and transform at a moment’s notice. They support a variety of work modes and styles, from private calls through team lunches. 

The range of Knoll furniture can be tailored to support and enhance the choices people will make at work every day. The space types identified in the download are settings for all kinds of experiences—teamwork, individual focus, gatherings, free address work, workplace amenities. A range of materials, furnishings, and spatial elements attract people, support ever-changing tech, and clearly differentiate them from primary work areas. Flexible furniture and adaptable architecture provide people with even more control and choice when it comes to how they work.

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