The Workplace Network the workplace
The office today is at the nexus of the social, the technological, and the physical worlds in an evermore global experience. We have a rich opportunity to create a more connected workplace, a office that puts people at the center of their life-work experience.
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Introduction and Methodology

Contemporary workplace practices are more mature and have a broader reach within organizations today. Knoll, in partnership with Unwired Ventures, sought to better understand what is coloring the modern global workplace. What are the various real estate and facility options in practice? How are they being interpreted locally? How is this spread of practices—distributed work, flexible work, and evolving technology—effecting employee engagement?

The research findings speak to the impact of multinationals and the current state of managing global real estate portfolios. We discovered that workplace practices are being analyzed more deeply, driving new workplace planning paradigms and yielding a richer workforce experience. As workplace solutions go global, best practices are being localized.

Local interpretations of global practices are often influenced by relevant criteria:

  • Flexible work policy deployment
  • Leveraging of existing real estate assets
  • People-centric focus
  • Global workplace experience

The exploration led to a new notion that collides at the intersection of a social network with physical real estate, a live experience. This intersection is being driven by hospitality demands on the traditional facility model. Reflect on the global workplace models that follow as they are interpreted and retold from around the world, and consider the emerging patterns that warrant even new questions.

The survey included both qualitative and quantitative input options with the advisory board providing opportunities for deeper investigative interviews.

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