Immersive Planning
From Research to Realization: An Experience-based Workplace
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Key Takeaways

Our study revealed a workplace that is dramatically different than one of just a generation ago. Knoll found five significant factors that contribute to a new way of working and drive new thinking about the work environment.

  1. Group-based work is the norm
  2. Hospitality and residential influences enter the workplace
  3. Despite new alternatives, office is still home base
  4. Empowered by choice, employees make the workplace their own
  5. Management of the real estate asset is tighter than ever

Based on our findings, we identified a  new way to think about space. Defined  as Immersive planning, the model not  only blurs the lines between work, life  and play, but also individuals and teams,  primary workspaces and activity spaces,  and owned and shared work areas and tools. Comfortable furnishings and fluid boundaries characterize this group-based workplace where the actions of the people  themselves define the space. The result:  an environment that creates a variety of experiences, transforming at a moment’s notice and evolving with use.

Organic Armchair
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