Bringing solutions to address your environmental needs.


Western Construct, an integral part of the Western Office Enterprise, is solely dedicated to the architectural products segment of the office environment. It was established to address the rapidly growing need for flexible cost effective interior environments sourced from the same reliable furniture partner but with the recognition that the expertise required is unique and distinct from furniture.

Bringing unique resources and technology to create beautiful, functional and sustainable interiors

Construct recognizes the importance of designing and building exceptional workplaces. We’ve made it our mission to bring together the most experienced staff and the highest quality products to deliver those workplaces. Our solutions have evolved to satisfy virtually any functional and aesthetic requirement all within the industry’s fastest lead times.

Our organization of business developers, in field project managers and in house designers are trained and well versed in architecture design and product application. Each member is there to add value to every project regardless of scope.

Construct currently operates in 5 markets with two major product partners.

DIRTT- Seattle, Los Angeles and Sacramento

Muraflex – Seattle, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco and Las Vegas

Bertoia Diamond
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